Saturday, June 10, 2006

Public Awareness (An Anecdote)

While we should never read too much into anecdotal evidence (someone always has a story about the small minority of car crashes in which a seat belt hurt instead of helped, ignoring the vast majority in which lives were saved), I thought I'd share the following anecdote while I'm trying to track down some data related to my next couple of subjects.

My housemate's mother's old TV recently went on the fritz, and before picking up a new one she called the family handyman for advice. The handyman told her to get an HD set, as other TVs would be obsolete in a couple of years, so she went with an HD set (a Sony, I believe). What neither recognized was that analogs were no longer available in the sizes she would have been interested in, so this advice inadvertently saved her from buying an SDTV (although she's seen HD and might have made that choice anyway).

So awareness does seem to be spreading out there, although not complete awareness.


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