Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Note Regarding Names and Purposes

One of the pertinent comments Ben Drawbaugh made while interviewing me for the 2/28 Engadget HD podcast was that there is a lot of stuff on this blog that is not directly tied to the transition as such, despite the name I chose for it. And it's true that my basic purpose in starting this was to focus on transition issues, rather than try to be a general HD news site (as my blogroll shows, that beat is already being covered rather well). But it's also true that the unfolding story of HD has a stong effect on the transition's prospects for success (a lot fewer people would be going along with this if not for the benefits HD promises), and it's certainly of interest to people who are interested in the overall transition.

Still, it's food for thought. Starting with the next monthly recap (as soon after March 17th as I can manage), I'm going to be moving the "GOVERNMENT" section from the end of the recap to a position directly following "THE PUBLIC", thus putting the two sections whose news tends to be most transition-focused right up front where they belong. Will I eventually spend less time covering certain things that are better covered elsewhere? I dont know just yet. Stay tuned - Switchover Scenarios is definitely a work in progress.


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