Monday, September 08, 2008

What's Up In Wilmington? First Post-Switchover Reports

Well, the switch has been flipped. According to Broadcasting & Cable, it was pulled by both FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and Wilmington mayor Bill Saffo. The switch looked like a giant light switch, and was symbolic (although it would have been pretty cool if it had actually been hooked up to something). A picture of the switch can be seen in this story just filed by the local paper, StarNews.

Looking at other local media, so far WILM has posted a story (using the news services of sister station WRAL in Raleigh). As far as national TV news is concerned, this appears to be a non-story. Considering how important the overall transition story is, I actually am a little surprised by that. Perhaps they're waiting to see if something dramatic happens.

There's also another blogger (Carol Ingley, representing Multichannel News) on the scene. So far neither her or DeeNice at Digital Dynamo have posted today, so I look forward to their first-person accounts.

The real story is in the number of people affected by the change, and I don't expect to see much on that for at least a few hours, if then. I'll be back at least once more later today.

UPDATE 2:33 PM - Just about a minute after posting the above, I saw a Wilmington-related crawl at the bottom of the screen on CNN. No idea whether an actual story will follow.


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