Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All Aboard For June 12th [NOT SO FAST!!]

Well, with the unanimous passage in the Senate of the DTV delay bill, it doesn't look as though much can get in its way once it's taken up by the House. The old countdown is just about dead.

I'll have more in the next few days on June 12th's chances for being the real,no fooling end to this process.

UPDATE (WED, 1/28): Well, I guess I shouldn't assume. The House has just defeated the attempt to pass the delay bill "on suspension" (an expedited process that requires a 2/3rds vote). The vote totals (258 for delay to 168 against) show that the bill would pass easily if it went through the usual (i.e. full debate, amendments, etc.) process. The question is, will delay proponents reintroduce the measure with time running out? I have already seen one local station that had dropped its crawl start it up again.


At 10:23 PM, Anonymous jheartney said...

I always figured Feb. 19 would be a trainwreck, but I didn't expect the politics to crash and burn so spectacularly (I figured the transition would happen and there'd be a panic as the procrastinators all lost their signal simultaneously, not that the politicians would lose their nerve and start shucking wrenches into the process).

Guess I'll fire up some popcorn and watch how it goes. For the record, I think slipping again to June 12 is an asinine idea.


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