Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tuner Mandate, pt 4 - POST DELAYED

Every couple of weeks since the final phase of the FCC tuner mandate took effect, requiring all new TV sets (not just those larger than 24", as has been the case for the last year) to include a digital tuner (unless they have no tuner at all), I've been tracking the slow disappearance from retail of the last analog sets. I had an installment scheduled for this week, but it's going to be delayed, since the remaining five installments of the "Switchover One Year Recap" series, followed by my "22 Months And Counting" monthly recap, will take up all my blogging time through the end of the month (at least). Though to judge from today's Sunday ad supplements, we're getting pretty close to the end of this story (although on-line availabilty might drag out a bit longer).


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