Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Upcoming Trip and How It Affects This Blog

I am currently in full gear-up mode (and somewhat behind on my schedule) for a two-week trip to Japan in a few weeks (from 8/29 to 9/12). This means I have a lot less time for this blog right now, so expect "18 Months and Counting" (covering events from 7/18 to 8/17) to be more selective and less inclined to wander from the main themes than usual (I'll still mention the major events in the NextGen DVD war, but really peripheral topics like content regulation will be skipped). It will go up no later than the 28th, hopefully sooner.

September looks to be a huge month for HD channel launches, so I can't very well skimp on that. Since I won't be able to start gathering links until 9/13, it's more likely that "17 Months and Counting" will be later than usual. After that, I plan to be back on schedule. Unfortunately, I'll be too taken up with gardens and castles and shrines and the like to learn much (if anything) about the Japanese DTV/HD scene, but if I do stumble across something, I'll let you know!


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